Events Calendar: Publishing an Event

In order to submit an event, please contact your unit's designated publisher and ask them to post it. Your unit's publisher will ensure your event qualifies and is properly formatted. The current list of publishers is below.

If your unit does not have a trained publisher and you expect to have an ongoing need to post events, please consult with your department head to designate a publisher and submit a request for permission and training. Each department/unit should have no more than one or two designated publishers.

While the Office of University Communications does not have the resources to evaluate and post a large volume of events, if you have a one-time request, you may submit your event for consideration

Units/Groups Main Publisher Secondary Publisher
Staff Council Suzanne Kroll - Lola Suvak -
Student Health Service Adam Gaus - Carly Ramer -
Student Life Adam Gaus - Carly Ramer -
Study Abroad Office Mark Weixel -
TRIO Student Support Services Rebecca Farabaugh -
UCIS: Office of the Dean Mark Weixel -
University Center for Teaching and Learning Mark Vehec - Chris Gates -
University Library System Jeff Wisniewski - Michael Thompson -
University Stores Rachel Yoke -
World History Center David Ruvolo -
Year of Pitt Global (UCIS) Shawn Reming - Mark Weixel -