Branding and Identity

The University of Pittsburgh brand is our overall image—the persona of the University as the rest of the world sees, knows, and experiences us. It is what we do, what we believe, and who we are.

Each day, Pitt people uphold the University’s values by protecting and preserving a graphic standards perspective. It is essential that we all do our part to fully and effectively implement Pitt’s institutional identity—and thereby distinguish the Pitt brand.

Institutional Identity Principles and Applications

You can learn more about Pitt's institutional identity and graphic standards, including marks, colors, and applications, by downloading and reading or referring to the Institutional Identity Principles and Applications document.

Logos for Print Use

Our University seal, signature, marks, and colors are emblematic of our brand identity. University Communications maintains stewardship of these visual elements and can provide guidance on their proper use.

Download logos for print use »

Writing Style Manual

The University of Pittsburgh Writing Style Manual is a comprehensive road map to the style guidelines adopted by the University of Pittsburgh. It has been prepared for the use of all who write University promotional materials as well as Web sites that will carry the University of Pittsburgh's name.