University of Pittsburgh

Specialty Services

Communications Services offers comprehensive marketing communications services. While Web sites, brochures, and videos may be the most common communication media, your strategy may call for a more in-depth or specialized approach.

Here's a sampling of specialty services we offer on their own or as parts of a larger campaign.

Business Cards

Convenient and relatively inexpensive, business cards put your contact information in the hands (and wallets, desk drawers, and pockets) of your colleagues, clients, students, and others.

To order business cards for Pitt, UPMC, or University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP) personnel, visit the online store.


Communications Services has created displays ranging from lobby presentations to major museum exhibitions. professionally-designed certificates (awards, notices of appreciation, etc.) can be plain and simple, multi-colored and embossed, or something in between.

For more information, call 412-624-0409.

Focus Groups

Input from a focus group of students, alumni, or others may confirm what you already “know” about the needs, interests, and perceptions of your target audience. Or, focus groups may identify opinions and trends that you weren’t even aware of.

Either way, focus groups provide invaluable insights into marketing your school or department, programs or services.

To set up a focus group, contact Bill Young at 412-624-4209 or


E-forms (electronic forms)—computer-program versions of paper forms—eliminate the costs of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms. They’re a fast and efficient means of gathering inquiries from prospective students; registrations for events, nominations for awards; and feedback on lectures and training sessions.

E-form data can be received by e-mail or RSS feed, or exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Typically, Communications Services produces e-forms as part of larger Web projects.

For more information on e-forms, contact John Cooper at 412-624-4353 or

Invitations (print/Web)

For information on printed invitations, call 412-624-0409. For information on sending invitations via e-mail, contact John Cooper at 412-624-4353 or

Letterhead and Envelopes
To order custom letterhead and envelopes for units at Pitt, UPMC, and UPP, please fax a completed Form 0008 (available at to 412-624-7682 or mail it to 200 Forbes Pavilion, 3525 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15260. NOTE TO UPMC AND UPP CUSTOMERS: To order, you need a Pitt account number.

For more information on letterhead and envelopes, call 412-624-0890 or 412-624-0897.


From a simple coffee mug to a pewter tankard, Communications Services can custom-design drinking vessels that will ensure that students, alumni, and others will think of your Pitt unit or organization with every sip.

To create a custom mug—or a wide range of other novelty items such as pens, magnets, t-shirts, and umbrellas—contact Al Taffoni at 412-624-6687 or

Radio Ads

Communications Services will help to script your radio advertisements and recommend the best placements for reaching your target audience(s). And, Communications Services works with media buyers to get you the best value for your advertising dollars.

For information on radio advertising, contact Bill Young at 412-624-4209 or

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The higher-up a Web site appears in a search result, the more searchers tend to visit that site. SEO can improve the volume and quality of traffic to your Web site from various search engines.

For more information, contact the Web producer assigned to your Web-site project.

Surveys (print/Web)

Our marketing staff collaborates with Pittsburgh-based research firms to conduct print-based surveys of Pitt clients’ target audiences, analyze the results, and produce easy-to-understand reports of survey findings.

Working with the marketing staff, our Web team creates e-mail-based surveys, typically as part of larger Web-site projects.

For information on print-based surveys, contact Bill Young at 412-624-4209 or For information on e-mail surveys, contact John Cooper at 412-624-4353 or